Company Valuation

Both investors as well as business owners need to know the values ​​of companies for a variety of reasons. Although the absolute value of a company will be determined with a physical trade, a number that can be the basis for such a trade can only be detected by certain methods. Using a variety of methods including the widely accepted “Discounting Cash Flows” undertakes many valuation projects with experienced valuation experts who have determined the value of companies from various sectors.


Our organization organizes training courses aimed at companies operating in the real and financial sectors. Some of these courses include “financial mathematics”, “financial analysis”, “company valuation”, “securities analysis and management”, “portfolio management” and “performance measurement of investment funds.”


Our institution periodically prepares the “Pension Mutual Funds Performance Report”, where the performance of the individual pension mutual funds is analyzed.


Our institution provides consultancy on private pension system, analysis of the performance of investment and pension funds, risk analysis, etc.